Chris Cubeta

Chris Cubeta is a singer/songwriter/producer who likes to make music when he is not eating, drinking or sleeping. He has worked with John Hammond Jr, Tony Levin, Sonya Kitchell, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Greg Laswell, Golden Earring, Ahmad Jamal, Bob Johnston, Eddie Kramer, Augie Meyers, David Hidalgo and Oz Fritz. He has produced records for dozens of amazing up and coming artists from NYC. He hopes you will someday know who they are. He plays guitar, piano and drums. He likes to produce good music. If you are nice he tries to be nice too.

Jeff Berner | website/demo reel

Jeff Berner is a producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He’s worked with many artists over the past seven years at GaluminumFoil – Naam, Genesis P’Orridge & Psychic TV, Dead Stars, Heliotropes, Quiet Loudly, The Glorious Veins, Tatiana Kochkareva, and Ian Love among them. Jeff also plays guitar in Psychic TV and Chris Cubeta & The Liars Club, owns way too many effects pedals for a person with only two feet, and wishes daily for a way to magically combine Tapatio Hot Sauce and his Roland Space Echo.

Gary Atturio | website/demo reel

Gary Atturio is a producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist at GaluminumFoil. He has worked with Brooklyn-based bands Savoir Adore, Dinosaur Feathers, Little Anchor, The Denzels, Steel Phantoms, EULA, and Boy Girl Party, just to name a few. When Gary is not in the studio, he is either coming up with a new pork chop marinade, eating a taco somewhere, or playing bass with Savoir Adore or I Am Lightyear. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, and Miller High Life.

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